APA-Australian Population Association Conference (20th: 2022) 

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Abstract. Numerous studies focused on health development have indicated that community engagement is one of the important elements to achieve “the health for all” goals. Specifically, it plays a major role in reducing inequalities, improving social justice, enhancing benefits, and sharing responsibility towards public health. WHO describes five levels of community engagement from involvement to community empowerment, which are often referred to as the levels of participation: inform, consult, involve, collaborate, and empower. The main reason for using community engagement is that behaviour (including health and well-being) is shaped by social and physical environments. If health is socially determined, health issues are therefore best addressed by engaging all community stakeholders who can bring their perspectives and understandings of community life and health issues to a project. In other words, community engagement should encompass a wide variety of activities from information sharing to community empowerment and collaborative or shared leadership.

Following a conceptual framework in a study by Farnsworth et al. (2014) entitled “Community engagement to enhance child survival and early development in Low- and Middle-Income countries”, this study attempts to evaluate the levels of community engagement in Indonesia by focusing on the different levels of community engagement which determine the different levels of achievements in the regional health development. A case study derived from Indonesian regions will be used, especially in the regions where strong community engagement approaches have been applied to improve maternal and child health. The lessons learned can be used in various contexts in which the programs may involve a culture of collaboration and engagement within the community.
Period23 Nov 2022
Held atAustralian Population Association, Australia, Australian Capital Territory
Degree of RecognitionInternational