Conference Paper: "Imported Combed Ware from the Abydos Tombs of Weni the Elder and His Family"

  • Christian Knoblauch (Invited speaker)
  • Sowada, K. (Invited speaker)

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A 2010 article reported on a corpus of supposedly imported Combed Ware vessels found in contexts of the late Fifth and Sixth Dynasties in the Abydos Middle Cemetery. At the time, apart from some unique finds from sites like Elephantine, Edfu and Meydum, the 11 vessels described in that paper were the largest group of Combed Ware vessels of this date found outside the Memphite region, increasing by approximately one-third the total number of true imports recorded from Egypt for this period. In the decade since the publication, a number of important new studies on Combed Ware in both Levantine and Egyptian contexts have appeared. At the same time, work on the Abydos material has continued and the corpus has grown to more than 20 vessels. The current paper evaluates the Abydos corpus in light of this new work with the goal of identifying the likely origin of the vessels, Combed ware workshop traditions, and the nature of late Old Kingdom foreign relations at the end of the Early Bronze Age.
Period27 May 2021
Event titleEgypt and the Mediterranean World in the Late Fourth through the Third Millennium BCE Conference
Event typeConference
Degree of RecognitionInternational