"Future of Modern Greek in South Australia" Forum

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The forum aims to foster a comprehensive discussion on the current state and future prospects of Modern Greek education in South Australia and brings together prominent professors from various universities, and educators from various educational levels forming a distinguished panel of experts. The discussions are designed as a collaborative dialogue, where questions from South Australian educators and participants will drive the conversation forward. The main topics that are discussed at this forum are:

• Modern Greek Curriculum Development: Exploring innovative approaches to curriculum design that cater to the evolving needs and interests of students while maintaining cultural richness.
• Digital Learning and Technology Integration: Discussing the integration of technology and online platforms to enhance Modern Greek language learning and engagement.
• Teacher Professional Development: Addressing strategies for equipping educators with the skills and resources to deliver effective and engaging Modern Greek language instruction.
• Community Engagement: Exploring ways to engage students, families, and local communities to foster a deeper appreciation for the Modern Greek language and culture.
• Preserving Heritage: Examining methods to connect language learning with the preservation of Hellenic heritage, traditions, and history.
• Language Maintenance: Discussing strategies to maintain and promote the Greek language among second and third-generation Greek-Australian families.
• Employment and Economic Opportunities: Exploring how proficiency in the Greek language can open doors to employment and economic opportunities, particularly in multicultural hubs.

Regional Perspectives – Melbourne / Darwin / Sydney:
• Multicultural Education: Discussing the role of Modern Greek language education in the diverse multicultural context and its impact on students from various cultural backgrounds.
• Community Collaboration: Exploring partnerships between educational institutions, cultural organizations, and community groups to enhance Modern Greek language programs.
• Bilingualism and Identity: Examining the significance of maintaining linguistic and cultural connections for Greek-Australian students.
• Cultural Exchange and Diversity: Discussing how the Modern Greek language contributes to cultural diversity and cross-cultural understanding in each region’s unique multicultural environment.
• Remote Learning Challenges: Addressing the challenges and opportunities of delivering Modern Greek language education to remote or underserved communities.
• Urban Cultural Landscape: Examining the role of Modern Greek language education in each region’s urban cultural mosaic and its impact on students' cultural identity.
• Intergenerational Language Transfer: Addressing the challenges and successes of transferring the Greek language across generations within families.

These topics aim to address various aspects of Modern Greek language education, its cultural significance, and its potential impact on different communities in South Australia, by incorporating lessons from Melbourne, Darwin, and Sydney. They will provide a starting point for engaging discussions and brainstorming solutions for the future of Modern Greek language education.
Period1 Oct 2023
Event title"Future of Modern Greek in South Australia" Forum
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