MBIS-empowerment on job satisfaction and RMG production

  • Md Taimur Ahad (Speaker)
  • Busch, P. (Speaker)
  • Yvette Blount (Speaker)

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The explosive adoption of the Mobile phone in a resource constrained country like Bangladesh pro-vides an opportunity to offer information systems using mobile phones. Mobile phone based informa-tion systems (MBIS) can potentially empower employees, improve job satisfaction and increase pro-ductivity. This study seeks to investigate MBIS based empowerment, job satisfaction and production in the Ready Made Garment (RMG) industry in Bangladesh. The literature suggests there is a possible production improvement opportunity in RMG. The variable ‘mobile based empowerment’ has a link to the moderating variable ‘job satisfaction’ and the outcome variable ‘production improvement’. A pilot study has been undertaken in Bangladesh from August to November 2017. We present some initial results from our investigation.
PeriodApr 2018
Event title31st International Business Information Management Associaton Conference (IBIMA)
Event typeConference
LocationMilan, ItalyShow on map