One tomb: two owners? The case of Nefer-seshem-Ptah at Saqqara

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The mastaba of Nefer-seshem-Ptah, also called Sheshi and Wedja-ha-Teti, is situated in the Rue du Tombeaux immediately to the north of the tomb of Ankhmahor in the Teti Cemetery at Saqqara. Nefer-seshem-Ptah, held offices connected to the administration of justice, being overseer of the Great Court of Justice, and may have been next in line for the vizierate. He also holds titles associated with the priesthood of King Teti and, perhaps most significantly, was married to an eldest daughter of the king called Seshseshet.

The stone-built mastaba consists of 7 rooms, all of which are lined with good quality limestone. The identity of the tomb owner has caused some controversy in recent literature with some scholars suggesting that all 7 rooms belong to the one tomb owner, while others maintain the tomb underwent 2 building stages, with the original chapel containing 3 decorated rooms and a 4th being added at a later date. Therefore, the present paper aims to establish the identity of the owner or owners of this tomb and will: analyse the architectural design of the mastaba and its location within the Teti Cemetery; consider the names, titles and family lineage listed in each section of the mastaba; examine any erasures found in the tomb complex as well as compare the artistic style of the preserved decoration.
Period1 Jun 2010
Event titleAbusir and Saqqara in the Year 2010
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