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Kurmann, A. (Editor), Tess Do (Editor)

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Special issue: Rencontres: Transdiasporic Encounters in Việt Kiều Literature

The special issue entitled ‘Rencontres’ (encounters) seeks to explore, for the first time, what the guest editors consider to be the contemporary transdiasporic turn in studies of Vietnamese refugee and migrant literature. ‘Rencontres’ focuses on the ‘trans’ in transdiasporic, as Ranjan Ghosh does regarding ‘transcultural poetics’ (261), to consider the transformative cultural, linguistic and literary transfers, translations and transactions between texts written ‘across’ and ‘beyond’ the global Vietnamese Diaspora (Ghosh and Hillis Miller 3). While from the late 1980s scholarship on Franco-French and American Vietnamese writing has flourished separately, only recently has the work of Vietnamese authors across the Francophone and Anglophone worlds been discussed in a transnational context (Kurmann and Do). Approaches to literary analysis from the perspectives of translation, cinematography, linguistics and intertextuality by world-leaders in the field writing in both French and English reinforce the international scope and multidisciplinary focus of the journal. Further, Việt Kiều (overseas Vietnamese) fiction writers such as Linda Lê and Anna Moï, whose oeuvres gave rise to the discipline, are offering the volume new literary texts for publication. As such ‘Rencontres’ stages transnational conversations between scholars and cultural producers, contributing to PORTAL’s commitment to facilitating international, interdisciplinary dialogues.
Period15 Aug 2018
Type of journalJournal