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Global Perspectives on Ancient Mediterranean Archaeology

The newly commissioned series, ‘Global Perspectives on Ancient Mediterranean Archaeology’, is excited to solicit high-quality research relating to the archaeology of the ancient Mediterranean world. The series’ remit includes the period from the Mediterranean Bronze Age through the
Byzantine period (c. 3200 BCE – 1453 CE). Although nominally focused on the Mediterranean Sea and areas which immediately border it, the series also welcomes studies on areas slightly further afield which are linked to the Sea by cultural, social, economic, religious, or political connections,
and where the Mediterranean zone is directly relevant. It will include both the presentation of new archaeological material as well as syntheses and discussions of existing material and work, and volumes may represent either monographs or edited collections (stand-alone, or the result of
specialist workshops). Although focused on the material culture of the region, the series also explicitly encourages the union of archaeological and historical material wherever possible and appropriate. A guiding principle of the series would be the inclusive appreciation of all available material from a particular area, time, and culture, even if the primary focus is on the archaeological
aspects. Finally, as suggested by its name, the series is particularly interested in publishing works which adopt a broad comparative and cross-cultural approach, as well as those which bring together concepts and themes more common in the study of archaeology from elsewhere in the world (most
notably the Pacific and Australasia) with those from the Old World. In a connected theme, the series is also keen to promote concepts of connectivity and networks which transcend normal regional and geographic limits.
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