Tular Nalar Keynote: Let's Talk about Influence Literacy

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Context and Relevance of Tular Nalar Summit
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Tular Nalar was initiated and socialized by three consortiums (Maarif Instititut, Mafindo, and Love Frankie) and supported by Google.org to help curb the infodemic that is busy circulating in the community.

Present in the form of an online learning portal, Tular Nalar is equipped with various materials on critical thinking that can be applied in real life. The learning materials that feature daily activities cover various topics, ranging from understanding the ethics of sharing messages on social media, how to deal with hoaxes about COVID-19, to being able to address issues that have the potential to sow racial divisions. Of course, Tular Nalar can be accessed by anyone: students, students, teachers, lecturers, and even the general public.

The Tular Nalar media and digital literacy curriculum is socialized by the facilitators to lecturers and teachers in almost all parts of Indonesia. This program has been running for almost a year and has touched thousands of lecturers and teachers. It is hoped that after receiving the Tular Nalar training, educators will be able to spread and practice the Transmitted Reason online learning in their classrooms and in the community.

In the delivery of the Contagion of Reason curriculum and materials, dozens of educators, both teachers and lecturers, as well as researchers who have an interest in studying more deeply the impact of the Contagion of Reason curriculum, are also involved in increasing public media and digital literacy.

These scientific studies need to be shared and documented so that they can become a vehicle and a means of learning and increasing knowledge related to digital and media literacy in Indonesia.

Period1 Nov 2021
Event titleTular Nalar Summit: Growing Stronger with Critical Reasoning
Event typeSeminar
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