ABC Soul Search: Revisiting Origins: Jesus' female disciples and Confucius in China

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Soul Search: Mary Magdalene

Period29 Sept 2019

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Media contributions

  • TitleRevisiting origins: Jesus' female disciples and Confucius in China
    Media name/outletABC
    Duration/Length/SizeApprox. 60 min.
    DescriptionFrom the ABC website:
    Sunday 29 September 2019 6:05PM

    You've probably heard of Mary Magdalene and her reputation as a prostitute or the love interest of Jesus. But who was she actually? And how do the Gospels treat other women involved in Jesus' ministry?

    Joan Taylor is Professor of Christian Origins and Second Temple Judaism at Kings College London. In her most recent documentary, Jesus' Female Disciples, Joan went searching – and digging – for answers.
    From Christianity we take a turn to Communist China.

    70 years on from the inauguration of the People's Republic of China, its people will pay homage to founder Mao Zedong on their national day - October 1st.

    But another figure is making a quiet return to public acceptance – the ancient sage and philosopher Confucius. Once derided and considered unfit for building a modern China, Confucianism has recently undergone something of a revival.

    Associate Professor Shirley Chan is the Head of Chinese Studies at Macquarie University. She explains historic Confucianism and its changing relationship to the Chinese state.
    Producer/AuthorProducer: Mariam Mariam Chehab and Hong Jiang; Presenter: Dr Meredith Lake
    PersonsShirley Chan