Affordability and equity mar overall confidence in health system

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Introduction by Croakey: As Australians await the Federal Budget, a new health consumer sentiment survey has found equity, affordability and access remain key issues that need to be addressed to create a truly universal Australian health system.

The Voice of Australian Consumers Report provides a timely and comprehensive look at Australians’ interaction with the health system over 12 months during the pandemic – a time when resources were stretched and the health workforce under incredible pressure.

It’s a great credit to the health workforce that the survey found consumer satisafaction with the system has soared.

But, as Cate Carrigan reports below, many Australians are still struggling to afford healthcare and we need person-centred and value-based care, access without financial hardship, and a workforce trained for the future that is digitally-enabled.

Period29 Mar 2022

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Media coverage