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    Beyond the Paper is a podcast in which students from Macquarie University interview researchers about the research papers they have written. 
    It is a student-staff partnership project co-ordinated by Dr Nick Wilson of the Department of Linguistics, Macquarie University.

    Beyond the Paper is part of the Faculty of Human Sciences Research Enriched Teaching Project, funded by a Macquarie University Strategic Priority Grant.

    The podcast is produced by Nathaniel Keesing, and our hosts are: Lauren Ryan, Paige Hawkins, Rachel McKinstry, Brendan Falvy and Dominic Fong.
    Our music is by Poddington Bear.

    Period1 Nov 2017

    Media contributions


    Media contributions

    • TitlePhilippine languages in multilingual Sydney
      DescriptionIn this episode, Dr Loy Lising talks with Brendan Falvy about her forthcoming chapter: Lising, L. (In press). Philippine Languages in Multilingual Sydney. In Benson, Chik & Moloney (Eds.) Multilingual Sydney. Routledge. 0:39 My research interests and study areas. Previous studies which led me to this paper. 3:00 The difficulties generating useful data for this paper and the problems using census data. 8:55 How the census could collect more useful languages data and capture the diversity more effectively, particularly with Filipino immigrants. 15:47 Why Filipino immigrants could interpret the same census questions differently. How political disposition and dialect play a role. 21:13 The global movement of Filipino immigrants and its effect on the linguistic presence of Filipinos in Sydney today.
      PersonsLoy Lising