Coaching the coaches, wearable tech & hula hoops

  • Jordan Andersen

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    Jordan 'The Guru' Andersen is back by popular demand!

    He's moved on from heading up Sydney Uni's biomechanics lab and is now leading research into the integration of wearable technology into athlete training to minimise injury and maximise performance. He is also writing the brand new Athletics Australia coaching course for Trail and Ultra runners. So much to unpack here.

    This week Wolf, Haddy and the Guru share a couple of Cronulla Beer Co's and discuss Kipchoge's Olympic performance, trail running at the Olympics and questioning the Russian Olympic Committee.

    We also dive into the role of hula hoops in cross training, our push for a 16 day ultra at the Paris Games and the right kind of pizza to eat at check point 5.

    Period11 Sept 2021

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    Media contributions