Disruption is not a Dirty Word

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Period21 Sep 2019

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleDisruption is not a dirty word
    Media name/outletTED Talks
    Duration/Length/Size15 minutes
    DescriptionTEDx talk. On the land now commonly referred to as 'Australia' the structures and systems collectively known as media, education, politics, health, agriculture and policing continue to be reflective of white supremacist ideologies which were intentionally and overtly core to their foundations. An uncomfortable, and perhaps contentious statement to hear, but how might recognizing this truth impact how we as a society understand our past and present, and envisage our collective future?
    Producer/AuthorAmy Thunig
    PersonsAmy Thunig


TitleTEDx Macquarie University
LocationMacquarie University, Sydney , Australia
Period21 Sep 2019 → 21 Sep 2019