Don’t Underestimate Undergraduates

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Interview about my two research areas: social networks/negative ties, and migrant workers.

Period22 May 2015

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Media contributions

  • TitleDon’t Underestimate Undergraduates
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    DescriptionCollaborative research with undergraduates has proven fruitful for Assistant Professor Nicholas Harrigan, leading to publications in top-flight journals.
    From the playground to the world political stage, human interactions are governed by what are called signed ties—positive or negative relationships within a social network. In the context of the playground, for example, friendship is considered a positive tie while bullying is negative. Similarly, alliances and disputes between countries can be interpreted as positive and negative ties respectively.

    Despite their ubiquity and importance in both personal and public interactions, much of our understanding of signed ties has focused only on positive ties. In fact, says Assistant Professor Nicholas Harrigan from the School of Social Sciences at the Singapore Management University (SMU), the study of signed ties has been dominated by a single theory over the last 60 years: balance theory.

    Producer/AuthorRebecca Tan
    PersonsNicholas Harrigan