Energy transition in the direction of "green" is an inevitable trend in Vietnam

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Mr. Lurion De Mello - Senior Lecturer in the Department of Applied Finance, Macquarie University, Australia said: "Renewable energy development needs huge support from infrastructure. In Vietnam, the transition is not should happen too quickly because the infrastructure is not yet responsive, it will cause waste, for example, your solar power is expanding very quickly but the storage or transmission technology is not good, causing a large loss. is a loss in taxes and costs for the people.

The transition to clean energy is also not an overnight thing, maybe Vietnam needs transitional stepping stones. Specifically in the current context, Vietnam can switch from coal to liquefied natural gas (LNG) to produce electricity and use a lot of gas to replace coal in the field of production, processing and manufacturing because it is less expensive. more polluting. Gas is seen as a transition fuel, especially for heavy industries.

Period16 Sept 2022

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Media contributions