Good education policies lead to massive economic benefit

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Period13 Jul 2015

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Media coverage

  • TitleGood education policies lead to massive economic benefit
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    Media name/outletAustralian Financial Review (AFR)
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    DescriptionThe amount of money governments spend on education is an increasingly acrimonious political debate.

    There is the long fight over Gonski school funding and the Abbott government's decision to cut back the former Labor government's spending plan, as well as higher-education fee deregulation that federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne has put to the Senate twice and can't pass.

    But can we take a step back and get out of the policy detail to look at the big picture of what we are trying to achieve? A key question is whether education spending is like consumption – money that goes out the door to fulfil a short-term want – or whether it is truly an investment like long-lasting infrastructure that keeps on delivering economic returns for decades to come.
    PersonsChris Baumann