Higher school discipline associated with better academic performance: study

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Period28 Jul 2016

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Media coverage

  • TitleHigher school discipline associated with better academic performance: study
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    DescriptionChris Baumann, an associate professor at Macquarie University in Australia and a visiting professor at Seoul National University (SNU), has found that better school discipline is associated with better academic performance.

    "There are significant differences in discipline for low, medium and high performing students. Peak-performing students have the highest level of discipline," Baumann told The Korea Times.

    Baumann and Hana Krskova co-authored a study, titled "School discipline, school uniforms and academic performance." Krskova is a research student at Macquarie University under the supervision of Baumann and Prof. Leigh Wood. Her research interest includes school discipline, academic performance and competitiveness.

    They found that students peak perform when teachers create a disciplined atmosphere where students listen to them, noise levels in the classroom are low and they do not have to wait to start class and teach.
    Producer/AuthorChung Hyun-chae
    PersonsChris Baumann