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    Gonski 2.0 urges us to get our children back to basics through the “three Rs” of reading, writing and arithmetic. For educators, there is now a greater need for science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) concepts to integrate with the arts (STEAM) across the wider curriculum.


    STEAM Education is using the Arts as an integrated discipline to teach the other key learning areas. 

    Period10 Jun 2018

    Media contributions


    Media contributions

    • TitleExplainer: What's the difference between stem and steam?
      Degree of recognitionInternational
      Media name/outletThe Conversation
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      DescriptionThe lead authors of this conversation piece on the blend of science and the arts – STEAM – may be of interest. So far, the article has done extremely well with 10,323 reads, 71 comments, 119 tweets and 379 Facebook shares. Excellent results for our first article with The Conversation. The article has been translated into Chinese.
      PersonsBronwen Wade-Leeuwen, Melissa Silk, Jessica Vovers