It's getting hot out there: why climate change is putting our health at risk

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    Period25 Oct 2021

    Media coverage


    Media coverage

    • TitleIt's getting hot out there: why climate change is putting our health at risk
      Degree of recognitionNational
      Media name/outletAusbiz TV Pty Ltd
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      Duration/Length/Size5 minutes 10 seconds
      DescriptionMartina Linnenleucke from Macquarie University joined ausbiz as a report co-authored by Australian and international researchers, including from Macquarie University, UNSW, Monash and Sydney University, revealed that the risk of heat stress is increasing and has an impact on health, and that other weather extremes are also on the rise, resulting in escalating social, economic and health impacts. The report also indicated that while there is some positive action at the individual, local, state and territory levels, this is severely undermined by national policies and actions that are contrary and increasingly place Australia out on a limb. The carbon intensity of Australia’s total primary energy supply continues to be among the highest of the countries included in the analysis which can be directly attributed to the reliance on fossil fuels says Martina. Find out what other countries such as Germany and the UK are doing to lead the adoption of renewable and low carbon energy sources, and why Australia needs to step up.
      Producer/AuthorAndrew Geoghegan
      PersonsPaul Beggs