Meet our HDR mentors

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How the HDR mentors programs works to support students through their research journey

Period24 Dec 2021

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • TitleMeet our HDR mentors
    Media name/outletMacquarie University Higher Degree Research Office
    DescriptionOur Higher Degree of Research (HDR) mentor program provides peer to peer support to HDR candidates to help improve their research skills, provide networking opportunities and enhance their student experience.

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    Adam Johnston
    Department: Law
    Faculty: Arts

    I am a PhD candidate in the Law School. My field of interest is the new National Disability Insurance Scheme and why it was concluded with practically no debate, that government run care and support systems should be outsourced to the church and charitable sectors. What does this say about the status of some of the most vulnerable in society and their place as citizens?

    Higher degree research can be a very insular and individual experience, if you make the mistake of letting it be that way. HDR Mentors gives you a community and a perspective. Everyone has similar frustrations, challenges, and questions. Usually, another mentor has experienced whatever you are facing now, so draw on collective knowledge and meet new people doing fascinating things.
    PersonsAdam Johnston