New light on how the Pyramids were built

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Live-to-air radio interview on ABC Radio 702 Drive with Richard Glover on the regular Self-Improvement Wednesday segment. 


The Pyramids at Giza are endlessly fascinating and enigmatic monuments. Even today, how they were built remains a mystery. Discoveries by a joint University of Liverpool/French Institute (IFAO, Cairo) expedition at an ancient stone quarry in Egypt provides new information on how large stone blocks were shifted during the Pyramid Age. With this new evidence, we are one step closer to understanding how Egypt's most famous structures were erected.

Period20 Mar 2019

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Media contributions

  • TitleNew light on how the Pyramids were built
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    Media name/outletABC Radio 702 Sydney
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    Duration/Length/Size9 min
    DescriptionLive-to-air radio interview with Richard Glover on ABC Radio 'Drive' program for the Self Improvement Wednesday segment.
    Producer/AuthorRichard Glover, Elizabeth Green
    PersonsKarin Sowada