Popular restaurant chain Sizzler's dramatic change after buffets cancelled by COVID-19

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Aussies love a buffet, but after COVID-19 swept through the world, the much-loved dining style was one of the first things to go.

It has forced cruise companies, hotels, and popular restaurants like Sizzler to find a new way of serving.

"Yes, I really think this is a case of RIP to the buffet and I'm afraid frankly the sizzle has come out of Sizzler," Macquarie University marketing professor Jana Bowden told A Current Affair.


"It's full table service, almost like a Sizzler silver service, you could say," Sizzler's Head of Operations Don Crilly told A Current Affair.

He says the process may be different, but the food is just the same.

Earlier this year, a Japanese experiment showing how quickly germs spread at buffets went viral, shocking the world.

"I don't know at this stage if we will ever go back, and I think that will be a big challenge for things like cruise ships," germ expert Glenn Pinna told A Current Affair.

"We've got the situation at a buffet restaurant that each food has its own tongs, or label, and we've got the situation where someone uses it, puts it down and someone else picks it up and we know COVID-19 lasts for hours or days on some of these situations."


Period13 Jul 2020

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