Preserve competitiveness, culture through education

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Period27 Aug 2014

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Media contributions

  • TitlePreserve competitiveness, culture through education
    Media name/outletKorea Times
    DescriptionThe election of 13 liberal (out of 17) city and provincial education superintendents may weaken Korea's position as a world leader in education while hindering Korea's unprecedented economic progression.

    A move away from the proven path of a performance-oriented, disciplined and competitive educational approach to a more permissive Western approach may soon be associated with a drop in the country's educational and economic performance.

    Korea's biggest challenge is to preserve its cultural heritage, unique Confucian approach to education and to defend its strong economic position, all now contested by other East Asian nations.

    If Korea deviates from its traditional approach to education, it may regret the radical shift in the long term. Once education officials realize this, it may be too late to return to Korea's successful roots.
    Producer/AuthorChris Baumann & Hume Winzar
    PersonsChris Baumann