'The Perfect Vagina'

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Idioms of Normality - Paul Mason


Femsle Genital Cosmetic Surgery and notions of normality.

Period23 Aug 2021

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Media contributions

  • TitleIdioms of Normality
    DescriptionAuthor of "The Perfect Vagina: Cosmetic Surgery in the Twenty-First Century", Dr. Lindy MacDougall joins Paul in this podcast episode of Idioms of Normality. Why do we tell people what to do with their bodies? What is it that makes our bodies so susceptible to social influence? How does the experience and presentation of the body define patterns of social inclusion?

    Lindy and Paul discuss how personal insecurities, the desire to be normal or perfect, and consumerism work together to drive an industry that tells women what their bodies should look like. The pursuit of beauty can sometimes work to the detriment of our health and Lindy's research offers some provocative case examples to think about.

    This is podcast episode 31 of Idioms of Normality. A series hosted by Dr. Paul Mason for #futureframedTV.
    PersonsLindy McDougall