This is the time to acknowledge and validate teacher professional judgement.

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    Dr Kim Wilson is an expert on secondary history education at Macquarie University with over twenty years experience in secondary school education. She says that the New South Wales Education Standards Authority may need to take a different approach to deliver the HSC in 2020.

    "One means would be to release the CORE section of each HSC examination and have students complete this section in their home environment," said Dr Wilson. "Take-home assessment tasks are usual practice in any HSC internal assessment program. Students would then submit the completed CORE sections to their school to be forwarded on. CORE sections can be externally marked by the existing pool of HSC markers."

    "In this context of great uncertainty, the strongest message about HSC assessment of student achievement in 2020 is to trust the highly educated professionals who are experts in the field. Across the state, Secondary School HSC teachers have the existing skills, expertise and commitment to ensure that student’s work is assessed against the standards with rigour and validity."

    "This is the time to acknowledge and validate teacher professional judgement."

    Period8 Apr 2020

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    Media contributions

    • TitleMCERA: Expert Comment 08 April 2020
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      DescriptionExperts welcome assurance year 12s will graduate, call for adjustments to ensure fair assessment
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