What Keeps Me Calm: Watching ‘Dark Blue Kiss’

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“I have never considered coming out until the pandemic prevented us from being outside”

Period24 Aug 2020

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Media contributions

  • TitleWhat Keeps Me Calm: Watching ‘Dark Blue Kiss’
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    DescriptionI think of DBK when I think about coming out. I believe coming out is a favor we do not exactly for ourselves, but for others. We don’t come out because we want to find a place in this world; we come out because we want to let others find their place in our lives.

    When I imagine the worst things that could happen, I think about Kao’s story and find a glimmer of hope.

    Thomas Baudinette, a lecturer at Macquarie University in Australia who studies Thai BLs and its fandom culture in Southeast Asia, says that we look at BLs as a “resource of hope.” That is why the cheeky phrase “sana all” has found a special place in the everyday vocabulary of Filipino fans.
    Producer/AuthorOlivier Tamayo
    PersonsTom Baudinette