Why failure helps gifted children achieve so much more

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Abridged version of a speech given at St Andrews Cathedral School, Sydney on the 7th of May 2018, and published in an Educational Supplement in the Sydney Morning Herald on the 11 of August 2018. 




Period11 Aug 2018

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Media contributions

  • TitleWhy failure helps gifted children achieve so much more
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    Media name/outletSydney Morning Herold
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    DescriptionA development model of giftedness recognises that expression of giftedness changes throughout the lifespan. The school years need to work on acquiring the 'tools of the trade' both academically and with regard to personal qualities such as resilience, coping with failure and boredom, and kindness to others.
    Producer/AuthorDr Gabrielle Oslington
    PersonsGabrielle Oslington