Why would anyone go into the family business?

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Story features my research on how parental support and control influences next-generation engagement in family firms. 

Period8 May 2019

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Media contributions

  • Title Why would anyone go into the family business?
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    Media name/outletThe Lighthouse
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    DescriptionDr Patrick Garcia, from Macquarie Business School, recently teamed up with academics based in the US, UK and Italy to examine the impact of parental behaviours on “next-generation engagement in family firms”.

    For managerial control of a family business to pass from one generation to another the incumbent has to be ready to let go of the reins. And one or more of their children have to be willing to grab hold of them. The tendency, among academics as much as journalists and scriptwriters, has been to focus on the obdurate paterfamilias or, more rarely, materfamilias. One doesn’t have to think too long to bring to mind contemporary examples of King (or Queen) Lear types who are reluctant to cede control of a business to their long-frustrated offspring.
    Producer/AuthorNigel Bowen
    PersonsPatrick Garcia