Calibrating recipiency through pronominal reference / Supplementary video files



    This dataset comprises the supplementary video files to the research article "Calibrating recipiency through pronominal reference". The open-access publication illustrates how grammatical contrasts within pronoun inventories (specifically, first person inclusive vs. first person exclusive and second person vs. third person) are recruited to attribute and manage participation roles when referring to co-participants in conversation. The study is based on a corpus of casual multi-party conversations in Jaru, an endangered Australian language (Pama-Nyungan, Ngumpin-Yapa).
    The subtitled video clips have been downsized and converted to MP4 format. The complete Jaru corpus with the original high-quality recordings will be accessible under certain conditions through the Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) Collection. In accordance with the ethics approval and participants' preferences, some name tags represent pseudonyms or subsection names. The videos are intended to be watched alongside the published article, where readers will find a Jeffersonian transcription and morphemic glosses for each of the excerpts.
    Date made available7 May 2023
    PublisherMacquarie University


    • morphological contrasts
    • gaze
    • person reference
    • address
    • Jaru
    • unmarked
    • clusivity
    • Australian Aboriginal languages
    • recipiency
    • pronoun
    • default
    • participation frameworks
    • participant roles
    • addressee

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