Survey results on the causes and therapeutic solutions in Presbycusis (age-related hearing loss)



This survey includes basic demographic data from 101
respondents. Columns A-D correspond to timestamp and basic demographic data
from 101 respondents (age, profession, and region where their research and/or
work was conducted). Columns E- N contain participant's answers to their
beliefs on the causes of age-related hearing loss. Specifically columns E-N
contain answers rated from ‘least likely’ to ‘most likely’ (on a scale 1 to 4,
with 4 being ‘most likely’). The survey can be found at ( and a pdf version can be found in the attached dataset (age-related_hearing_loss_survey.pdf).
Date made available30 Nov 2021
PublisherMacquarie University


  • Dogma
  • noise damage
  • Outer hair cells
  • Stria vascularis
  • Age-Related Hearing Loss
  • Presbyacusis
  • Inner hair cells
  • Auditory nerves
  • Systems Physiology

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