2019 United Nations OHCHR Background Note on Human Rights Violations against Intersex People. The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights: Geneva.


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    In November 2019 The UN Human Rights Office issued a new background paper (45 pages) on human rights violations against intersex people, which cites many collaborative contributions and research including Australian research papers by A/Prof Jones and her collaborators (e.g. see p.22, 23 and 30). This paper was developed as a follow-up to various initiatives and collaborative contributions by the Office, UN agencies and regional human rights mechanisms including: the Intersex Expert meeting held in 2015, public education awareness campaigns by UN free and Equal on Intersex Awareness in 2015 and the Joint Statement by UN and regional human rights mechanisms in 2016. It analyses the specific human rights violations faced by people with intersex variations and the corresponding human rights obligations of states. It identifies legislative, policy and practice gaps, challenges and positive developments and charts the way forward to ensure that the human rights of intersex people are respected, protected and fulfilled.
    Impact dateNov 2019
    Impact levelEngagement