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cyber security

Paul Hogan (Participant)


Dating the events that define our humanity

Kira Westaway (Participant)

Impact: Culture impacts, Environment impacts, Science impacts, Technology impacts

Deep Purple Total Protein Stain

Peter Karuso (Participant)

Impact: Economy impacts

Department Director HDR

Adam Stow (Participant)

Impact: Organisation impacts

Director Masters of Conservation Biology

Adam Stow (Participant)

Impact: Organisation impacts

Driving into Floodwater: Research into Practice Brief 1

Mozumdar Ahmed (Participant), Mel Taylor (Participant), Matalena Tofa (Participant), Katharine Haynes (Participant)


Enhancing medicine scheduling decisions through economics

Bonny Parkinson (Participant), Henry Cutler (Participant), Mutsa Gumbie (Participant), Natalie Gauld (Participant), Virginia Mumford (Participant), Philip Haywood (Participant)

Impact: Policy impacts, Economy impacts, Quality of life impacts

Evaluation of flood risk communication materials - practice brief five April 2020

Mel Taylor (Participant), Matalena Tofa (Participant), Joshua O'Loughlin (Participant), Sunil Taneja (Participant), Katharine Haynes (Participant)



Peter Karuso (Participant)

Impact: Economy impacts

Fluorotechnics Pty Ltd

Duncan Veal (Participant), Peter Karuso (Participant)

Impact: Economy impacts

Global MBA partnership with SAS

Lan Snell (Participant), Leonie Tickle (Participant)

Impact: Other impacts

Hearing aid check for cochlear implant candidacy

Harvey Dillon (Participant), Teresa Ching (Participant)

Impact: Health impacts

Hyperdrive Science Pty Ltd

Peter Karuso (Participant), Fei Liu (Participant)

Impact: Economy impacts, Other impacts

Improving health and spending money wisely: evaluating medicines and vaccines for the Australian Government

Henry Cutler (Participant), Bonny Parkinson (Participant), Martin Hoyle (Participant), Mutsa Gumbie (Participant), Rachel Song (Participant), Andrew Partington (Participant), Varinder Jeet (Participant), Elizabeth Seil (Participant), Alicia Norman (Participant), Virginia Mumford (Participant), Sanjyot Vagholkar (Participant), Lisa Pont (Participant), Janaki Amin (Participant)

Impact: Quality of life impacts, Economy impacts, Policy impacts

Inquiry into museums and galleries in NSW

Andrew Simpson (Participant)

Impact: Policy impacts, Culture impacts, Organisation impacts

Institute of Internal Auditors Financial Services Committee

Elizabeth Sheedy (Participant)

Impact: Organisation impacts, Society impacts

International students’ experience of racism: A City of Ryde report

Adele Garnier (Participant), Alice Chik (Participant), Michael Chang (Participant), Phil Benson (Participant)

Impact: Culture impacts, Society impacts

Invited presentations at funded workshops on shark conservation

Adam Stow (Participant)

Impact: Policy impacts, Environment impacts


IUCN skink specialist group

Adam Stow (Participant)

Impact: Environment impacts, Science impacts

Journal Editor, PLoS ONE

Adam Stow (Participant)

Impact: Science impacts

Kranksein im alten Ägypten: vom Symptom zur Arznei

Camilla Di Biase-Dyson (Participant), Melanie Glöckner (Participant), Anja Roß (Participant), Lisa Augner (Participant)

Impact: Culture impacts

Landscape Genomics Workshop, Manaus, Brazil

Adam Stow (Participant)

Impact: Training impacts