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Civil Litigants denied access to retained metadata

John Selby (Participant)

Impact: Society impacts, Policy impacts

Commercial use of Dichotic Digits difference Test (DDdT)

Sharon Cameron (Participant), Harvey Dillon (Participant)

Impact: Society impacts, Economy impacts

ALRC Submission for Elder Abuse Inquiry

Lise Barry (Participant)

Impact: Policy impacts

10. Göttinger Science Slam

Camilla Di Biase-Dyson (Participant)

Impact: Culture impacts

Global MBA partnership with SAS

Lan Snell (Participant), Leonie Tickle (Participant)

Impact: Other impacts

Australian Sports Commission - Physical Literacy Policy

Dean Alan Dudley (Participant)

Impact: Culture impacts, Policy impacts, Quality of life impacts

Transformation Learners’ Lives on a Global Scale: Excel Skills for Business

Yvonne Breyer (Participant), Prashan Karunaratne (Participant), Timothy Keighley (Participant), Leonie Tickle (Participant), Philip Goody (Participant)

Impact: Society impacts

Book Review

Eva Anagnostou (Participant)

Impact: Other impacts

Deep Purple Total Protein Stain

Peter Karuso (Participant)

Impact: Economy impacts

Commercialization of NAL-NL1 and NAL-NL2 hearing aid prescription rules

Harvey Dillon (Participant), Denis Byrne (Participant), Gitte Keidser (Participant), Matthew Flax (Participant), Teresa Ching (Participant), Richard Katsch (Participant)

Impact: Commercial impacts, Society impacts

NSW Ministerial Advisory Committee on Aging

Joanne Earl (Participant)

Impact: Policy impacts

NSW Aboriginal Oral Health Plan 2014-2020

Kylie Gwynne (Participant)

Impact: Policy impacts

The science behind online review choices

Shahin Sharifi (Participant)

Impact: Quality of life impacts

Philip II of Macedonia’

Ian Worthington (Participant)

Impact: Culture impacts

Ptolemy I of Egypt and the Successors’

Ian Worthington (Participant)

Impact: Culture impacts

Ancient Worlds: BBC TV series (2011)

Ian Worthington (Participant)

Impact: Culture impacts

Aged care workforce

Denise Jepsen (Participant)

Impact: Organisation impacts, Economy impacts, Health impacts

Alexander in Central Asia

Ian Worthington (Participant)

Impact: Culture impacts