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Ägypten im Film

Camilla Di Biase-Dyson (Participant)

Impact: Culture impacts, Culture impacts

10. Göttinger Science Slam

Camilla Di Biase-Dyson (Participant)

Impact: Culture impacts

Evaluation of flood risk communication materials - practice brief five April 2020

Mel Taylor (Participant), Matalena Tofa (Participant), Joshua O'Loughlin (Participant), Sunil Taneja (Participant), Katharine Haynes (Participant)


Smoke Between Trees

Noel Burgess (Participant)

Impact: Culture impacts

Improving health and spending money wisely: evaluating medicines and vaccines for the Australian Government

Henry Cutler (Participant), Bonny Parkinson (Participant), Martin Hoyle (Participant), Mutsa Gumbie (Participant), Rachel Song (Participant), Andrew Partington (Participant), Varinder Jeet (Participant), Elizabeth Seil (Participant), Alicia Norman (Participant), Virginia Mumford (Participant), Sanjyot Vagholkar (Participant), Lisa Pont (Participant), Janaki Amin (Participant)

Impact: Quality of life impacts, Economy impacts, Policy impacts

Community Outreach in PNG

John Croucher (Participant)

Impact: Quality of life impacts, Culture impacts, Society impacts


The hidden costs of caring.

Melanie Zeppel (Participant)

Impact: Policy impacts

COVID-19: Crisis or Catalyst?

Denise Jepsen (Participant)

Impact: Economy impacts


Australian Hearing CAPD service

Sharon Cameron (Participant), Harvey Dillon (Participant), Helen Glyde (Participant)

Impact: Society impacts, Policy impacts, Economy impacts

Commercialization of Listening in Spatialized Noise - Sentences Test (LiSN-S)

Sharon Cameron (Participant), Harvey Dillon (Participant)

Impact: Economy impacts, Society impacts

Circus in Australia

Lorne Cummings (Participant)

Impact: Culture impacts

Public Sector Impact

James Guthrie (Participant)

Impact: Policy impacts



Joanne Earl (Participant)

Impact: Policy impacts

National Seniors Australia

Joanne Earl (Participant)

Impact: Society impacts

Client Oriented Scale of Improvement (COSI)

Harvey Dillon (Participant), Jan Ginis (Participant), Alison James (Participant)

Impact: Health impacts

Start-Up Entrepreneurial Project

Rebecca Mitchell (Participant)

Impact: Society impacts, Quality of life impacts

cyber security

Paul Hogan (Participant)


Research about consumer use of unit pricing

Jun Yao (Participant), Harmen Oppewal (Participant), Yongfu He (Participant)

Impact: Policy impacts

Bad reviews no disaster, says research

Shahin Sharifi (Participant)

Impact: Society impacts