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Smoke Between Trees

Noel Burgess (Participant)

Impact: Culture impacts

Ägypten im Film

Camilla Di Biase-Dyson (Participant)

Impact: Culture impacts, Culture impacts

10. Göttinger Science Slam

Camilla Di Biase-Dyson (Participant)

Impact: Culture impacts

Community Outreach in PNG

John Croucher (Participant)

Impact: Quality of life impacts, Culture impacts, Society impacts


The hidden costs of caring.

Melanie Zeppel (Participant)

Impact: Policy impacts

COVID-19: Crisis or Catalyst?

Denise Jepsen (Participant)

Impact: Economy impacts


Australian Hearing CAPD service

Sharon Cameron (Participant), Harvey Dillon (Participant), Helen Glyde (Participant)

Impact: Society impacts, Policy impacts, Economy impacts

Commercialization of Listening in Spatialized Noise - Sentences Test (LiSN-S)

Sharon Cameron (Participant), Harvey Dillon (Participant)

Impact: Economy impacts, Society impacts

Circus in Australia

Lorne Cummings (Participant)

Impact: Culture impacts

Public Sector Impact

James Guthrie (Participant)

Impact: Policy impacts



Joanne Earl (Participant)

Impact: Policy impacts

National Seniors Australia

Joanne Earl (Participant)

Impact: Society impacts

Client Oriented Scale of Improvement (COSI)

Harvey Dillon (Participant), Jan Ginis (Participant), Alison James (Participant)

Impact: Health impacts

Start-Up Entrepreneurial Project

Rebecca Mitchell (Participant)

Impact: Society impacts, Quality of life impacts

cyber security

Paul Hogan (Participant)


Research about consumer use of unit pricing

Jun Yao (Participant), Harmen Oppewal (Participant), Yongfu He (Participant)

Impact: Policy impacts

Enhancing medicine scheduling decisions through economics

Bonny Parkinson (Participant), Henry Cutler (Participant), Mutsa Gumbie (Participant), Natalie Gauld (Participant), Virginia Mumford (Participant), Philip Haywood (Participant)

Impact: Policy impacts, Economy impacts, Quality of life impacts

Bad reviews no disaster, says research

Shahin Sharifi (Participant)

Impact: Society impacts