Activating Commerce Knowledge, Skills, and Entrepreneurship to Advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Enactus Macquarie

Impact: Society impacts, Culture impacts, Environment impacts

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Prashan is the Faculty Advisor for Enactus Macquarie – a student society with around 40 members. Students use commerce knowledge, skills, and entrepreneurship to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. There are currently 6 active projects. 

In Moree, the Nhuubala Yugal Education Centre (NYEC) mission is to: “To reduce the educational disadvantage in rural Australia by providing a learning environment tailored to the personal and cultural needs of local youth”. 

NYEC (2020 impact) – 1,116 hours in Moree, 6 partners: Ephraim House, Hands & Feet, Australians Together, Coles, Reconciliation Australia, and Moree East Public School. 1 facilitator and 5 mentors have impacted 22 students where attendance is 90% versus 66% in local schools.

NYEC (2021 impact) – 30 students currently enrolled, $5,000 raised, and 200+ members of the community impacted.

A second project, the Women’s Creative Hub helps 24 refugee women in Auburn. With 70+ volunteers, 54 workshops led by Hub women, and 4 women launching their own business – $20,785 in income was raised for the Hub, and 305 community members were engaged.

Each year, the impacts of projects from every university in Australia are verified and judged in a national competition. Enactus Macquarie was the National Champion, 2020. They were finalists in 2021, and Prashan was awarded the Most Outstanding Faculty Advisor at the 2021 National Championship.

The efforts Enactus Macquarie students are officially recognised on their AHEGS (Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement) – the only student society initiative at Macquarie University with this privilege.

Impact date20192023
Category of impactSociety impacts, Culture impacts, Environment impacts
Impact levelBenefit (mid)