Commercialization of the LiSN & Learn (now Sound Storm) auditory training software for spatial processing disorder

Impact: Economy impacts, Quality of life impacts

Description of impact

The LiSN & Learn (Windows version) auditory training software was commercially released in 2011 and sold by the National Acoustic Laboratories. The software was developed as part of my National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Public Health Australia Fellowship. Train with the software has been shown in various studies, including randomised blinded controlled studies, to reverse spatial processing disorder.The software was redeveloped as Sound Storm for iOS and has been sold on the Apple app store since December 2016. Both the LiSN & Learn, and now Sound Storm, are used for remediation of spatial processing disorder by the Australian Hearing CAPD service, as well as by other audiological services around the world. Nomad Agency, who created the digital content for Sound Storm, has won a number of awards for the product, including the 2017 Webby award for Mobile Sites & Apps - Health.
Impact date2011
Category of impactEconomy impacts, Quality of life impacts
Impact levelAdoption