Community Outreach in PNG

Impact: Quality of life impacts, Culture impacts, Society impacts

Description of impact

In late 2007 I received an email from Father Jan Czuba, President and Vice-Chancellor of the Divine Word University (DWU), the highest ranked university in Papua New Guinea, who asked me if I would be willing to design and teach in an MBA program at DWU from the ground up. Of the following twelve years I designed implemented and lectured in the program, securing volunteers from around the world to teach in it pro-bono. In 2011 I was awarded an honorary PhD for my efforts in building the finest MBA program in the country and for my ‘services to mankind’.

The MBA program has now expanded to include additional degrees, including an MBA in Professional Accounting. It uses the latest wireless technology in a paperless university that is largely solar-powered. It is one of the most creative in the country and the MBA project has been a great triumph on many levels. The program I created has fostered leadership skills and by the interactive nature of the subjects has enabled those from all walks of life and professions to reach a better understanding of the work of their fellow citizens, built on a basis of ethical leadership. It has focused on strengthening management competencies, particularly of those in middle management — as a contribution towards sustainable governance in PNG. This was all achieved on a pro bono voluntary basis and has left a legacy and lasting impact of which I, MQBS and Macquarie University should be very proud.

Impact date20092020
Category of impactQuality of life impacts, Culture impacts, Society impacts
Impact levelBenefit