Cranet international human resources network

Impact: Economy impacts, Culture impacts, Organisation impacts

Description of impact

Cranet, launched in 1989, was established to meet the need for ready access to information on best practice and comparative performance in Europe and globally. Cranet is an established research collaboration with a proven track record of collecting powerful, representative data, on a continuing basis; undertaking rigorous analysis and disseminating high quality results.

Coordinated by Cranfield School of Management, Cranet is now the acknowledged leader in all aspects of international human resource management, both theoretical and practical, with a distinguished reputation worldwide. It offers academics, practitioners, government bodies and international institutions expert and informed research as well as guidance on international and comparative HRM practices.

The Network itself is a collaboration between over 40 universities and business schools which:
* Carries out a regular international comparative survey of organisational policies and practices in comparative Human Resource Management across the world.
* Provides benchmarks for comparing Europe with developments elsewhere in the world. This allows a systematic comparative analysis of HRM trends within employing organisations.
* Disseminates research findings through newspapers, practitioner press, academic journals and books, through conferences and seminars and in teaching.
Impact date2015
Category of impactEconomy impacts, Culture impacts, Organisation impacts
Impact levelMature