Data Localization Research influenced new Privacy Laws affecting >1 Billion people

Impact: Public policy impacts, Social impacts

Description of impact

After the Puttaswamy decision by the Indian High Court recognised the existence of a constitutional right to privacy in that country, the Indian government commissioned the Srikrishna Committee to review privacy worldwide and to design a new Privacy Law for India.

The Srikrishna Committee's report cited Dr Selby's Data Localization research and, in accordance with his analysis, recommended that India include a data localization requirement within its new Privacy Law.

Sections 40 and 41 of the Personal Data Protection Bill presented to the Indian Parliament contain provisions which require data localization to be implemented in India so as to increase the privacy protections for its more than 1 Billion citizens.
Impact date20172019
Category of impactPublic policy impacts, Social impacts
Impact levelAdoption