Excel Skills for Industry: Excel Skills for Business Forecasting for Coursera + Getting Started with Analytics for Optus U

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When teaching Excel-related courses, due to Prashan's engagement with the media, the government, and industry, Prashan is able to create case study reports that always revolve around a contemporary business issue. Students obtain real and up-to-date data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), and compare and contrast their forecasts with those of the ABS. 


Prashan is part of a team that designed, developed, and delivers the popular suite of award-winning MOOCs on Excel Skills for Business, on Coursera – a suite of 4 Excel MOOCs. 

In 2020, we launched another 3 MOOCs on Excel Skills for Data Analytics and Visusalization

In 2021, he led the production of a further 3 MOOC son Excel Skills for Business Forecasting (3000+ learners) by converting BUSA3015. These resources have impacted our own BUSA3015 students (300 per session). 

9 out of 10 MOOCs are rated at 4.8 to 5.0 stars. 

Optus U

Prashan is involved in the Optus U program, and trained his colleague, Hamed Jafarzadeh, to deliver as well. The MQBS micro-credential that they teach on Getting Started with Analytics draws on the Coursera expertise as well as the Business Analytics major and specialised degree. Each cohort has 24 students, and they have taught 6 cohorts with ratings over 4.8 across all teacher-related questions. The Optus U program gives them a chance to work with the Optus team to design the course to fit industry requirements, and the students provide them professional development via their bespoke application of content to their teaching practice.

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