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This submission focusses on the GMBA impactdemonstrated through the SAS partnership. Data literacy is identified as one ofthe essential future focussed skills (WEF, 2019; IBM; 2019). The skillsassociated with data literacy include the ability to analyse data using a rangeof statistical techniques, visualisations, and to generate strategic insights.Data analytics underpins this capability. SAS is a global analytics platform witha vision “to empower and inspire with the most trusted analytics”. This isdemonstrated through actions including innovation, education, data for good,and diversity and inclusion. The partnership with SAS is aligned to theirpurpose as well as the strategic priority of the business school. SAS will be alsobe offering the GMBA to their global workforce. 
Outcomes: An MoU with SAS to collaborate across co-creating curriculum, thoughtleadership, and workforce development. The MoU was signed by the Executive Deanon 3 July 2019.
Who benefits?  GMBA students benefit from using the currentmarket leading analytics platform. The literature identifies digital andanalytical capabilities as part of the future-focused skills (WEF, 2019; IBM,2019). Increased digital and analytical capability of leaders can help toproduce higher productivity outcomes for the organisation (Knies et al, 2016;SAL, 2017). This strengthens the impact by extending it beyond the individual,to that of a wider organisational impact. Students can pursue SAS Certificationat no cost and take the exam at a 50% discount. The partnership also features apathway into the GMBA for SAS Visual Business Analyst Certification holders. 

Impact date3 Jul 2019
Category of impactOther impacts
Impact levelEngagement