Implementing AI automation in marking, version generation and feedback processes

Impact: Technology impacts, Training impacts

Purpose of research project *

The research project aimed to implement AI automation in assessment version generation, marking and feedback processes within educational institutions. The primary goals were to improve efficiency in grading, enhance the quality of feedback provided to students, and support the professional development of educators. By leveraging AI technology, the project sought to transform traditional educational practices, reduce workload for teachers, and provide students with more timely and detailed feedback.

Who has, is or will benefit *

Educators: Teachers have experienced reduced workloads, allowing them more time for personalized instruction and professional development.

Students: Learners receive prompt, constructive feedback that helps them understand their strengths and areas for improvement, leading to better academic performance.

Administrators: School and university administrators have seen increased efficiency and cost savings, enabling the reallocation of resources to other critical areas.

Description of impact *

The initiative has significantly enhanced work efficiency by automating version generation, marking and feedback processes, allowing educators to focus more on personalised instruction and professional development. This automation provides students with timely and detailed feedback, improving their learning experience and academic outcomes. Economically, educational institutions have reported substantial cost savings by reducing the need for additional grading staff and minimising marking errors. Culturally, the shift towards AI-supported education has fostered a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within schools and universities. Additionally, by cutting down on paper-based grading, the initiative has contributed to sustainability efforts within educational institutions.
Category of impactTechnology impacts, Training impacts
Impact levelAdoption (early)