Informing decisions on management of marine environment globally and in the western Indian Ocean Region

Impact: Environment impacts, Economy impacts, Science impacts, Policy impacts

Description of impact

Under the border theme of informing decisions on marine management, my work has contributed to the formulation of conservation actions and and supported policy decisions at a regional level.

(1) evaluating the current status if marine biodiversity (coral reefs and marine fishes) and how this will likely to change with climate change and human pressure (impact level = benefit)
(2) identifying sustainable catches for nearshore fisheries (impact level = benefit)
(3) informing management on ideal locations for establishing fisheries management zones and marine protected areas (impact level = benefit)
(4) Informing the integrated coastal management once reduction of land based pollution of marine areas (impact level = benefit)
(5) Informing policy formulation at a regional level on the management of marine areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ)
Impact date1 Jan 2016
Category of impactEnvironment impacts, Economy impacts, Science impacts, Policy impacts
Impact levelBenefit