Intellectual capital


Description of impact

James has made a significant contribution to the field of intellectual capital.
Achievements in the area of Intellectual Capital. Some these contributions are listed below and research publications in the attached document

• OECD work on the management of knowledge and the measurement and reporting of intellectual capital in both the public and private sectors has led to several important large research projects and publications. Includes advisory work for the OECD dating back to 1998 and helping organise the OECD Symposium, International Symposium Measuring Reporting Intellectual Capital: Experiences, Issues, and Prospects, June, Amsterdam, OECD, Paris. This conference can be considered the “birthplace of IC”. Attended by many government ministers, heads of corporations, academics and others this conference brought into the light IC as a global management and government policy issue.

• From this conference two important academic contributions were published in the Journal of Intellectual Capital. The first a summary of developed in the IC field and a mapping of these in terms of stages. The second the first IC disclosure study, the which method of which has been replicated by hundreds of studies since.
• Petty, R. and Guthrie, J. (2000), “Intellectual Capital Literature Review: Measurement, Reporting and Management”, Journal of Intellectual Capital, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 155-176.
• Guthrie, J. and Petty, R. (2000), “Intellectual Capital: Australian Annual Reporting Practices”, Journal of Intellectual Capital, Vol. 1, No. 3, pp. 241-251.

• Plenary speaker at many conferences, for instance at the “Intellectual Assets and Innovation: Value Creation in the Knowledge Economy” EIASM conference, October 2005, in Ferrara, Italy; OECD international policy conference "Intellectual Assets, Innovation and Value Creation", October 2005 and in 2008 was involved in the establishment of IC networks by the OECD.

• Advisor to Australian Government Consultative Committee on Knowledge Capital. In 2005, this group of industry and government leaders promoted a discussion within Australia as to the value of “knowledge capital” to an organisation and the nation. Through this activity worked with the MD of Microsoft Australia, and senior members of Westpac, NSW Dept of Lands, Victorian CIO, Australian Actuaries Association, and CPA Australia. The Committee has now formed the Society for Knowledge Economics, launched in Melbourne in November 2005. Also a signatory to the Melbourne Protocol for Knowledge Economics and invited plenary speaker. This project has led to numerous industry related research projects and collaborative grants. Also several PhD supervisions in this area.

• Awarded a prestigious international research grant from the Italian National government. An outstanding international academic award for 2003-2004, “Understanding the management, measurement and reporting of intellectual capital within a sample of Italian hospitals: a stakeholders’ perspective”. This research project will be linked to a special contract with the University of Ferrara, funded by the Italian Ministry of Higher Education. The latter has granted two-year part time professorships in Italian universities to only 25 outstanding international academics. The stated purpose of the award is to encourage the internationalization of Italian universities and to increase the research performance of these universities.
• Outstanding Paper Award, “An Integrated Framework for Visualising Intellectual Capital”, Journal of Intellectual Capital, Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2006.
• Highly Commended award from the Literati Club in 2002, for Guthrie, J., Petty, R. and Johanson, U. (2001), “Sunrise in the knowledge economy: managing, measuring and reporting intellectual capital”, in Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 365-382.
• Australasian Editor of the Journal of Intellectual Capital (2000 – present)