Links with industry


Description of impact

James has spent over a decade working with various GAP projects including the following:
• Australian Government Consultative Committee on Knowledge Capital (AGCCKC) (2003-2020)
Economic commentators regard knowledge-based innovation as the key driver of wealth creation in contemporary society, but current management practices still lack objective and reliable standards for assessing knowledge-intensive resources. More than 60% of organisational assets are tied up in ‘intangibles’, which under existing accounting rules are neither represented nor valued. James was an original member of the AGCCKS, which works to promote knowledge and innovation in Australian business and society.
• GAP Taskforce on Leadership in Education (2013-2017)
The Taskforce served as an informal advisory body to various Ministers for Education, who attends every meeting. This Taskforce was established in 2013 to address the challenges facing Australia’s higher education sector and continued its work into 2017. The deliberations of this Taskforce have informed the Government’s current reforms and its membership includes vice-chancellors, leading academics, businesspeople and senior public servants.