Promoting mental health and wellbeing among ageing workers in the public transport industry

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Many organisations are missing out on the benefits that older workers bring with many individuals suffering personally when employers and recruiters fail to recognise the reality of an ageing population. Because of my work on the career decision-making of older workers, I was invited to take part in the Ageing Workforce Ready Project (AWR) as an expert panel member. The AWR is a collaboration between Bus Association Victoria, SuperFriend, and academics.

My participation as an Expert Panel Member helped shape the creation of the Maturity Practice Index (MPI), a qualitative and quantitative data collection tool designed to assess the performance of organisations against four best practice pillars that support older worker workforce participation. My research also help inform the development of a supervisor training program aimed at enhancing awareness of the barriers and issues older workers currently face in maintaining employment.
Impact date1 Jan 201919 Apr 2021
Category of impactOrganisation impacts
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