Social and environmental accounting


Description of impact

James’s research into social and environmental accounting dating back to the early 1980s makes him one of the pioneers in this area. He continues to be a highly regarded scholar in this field, and is still actively working in this area. For example, he was the invited plenary speaker on this topic at the A-CSEAR Conference, New Zealand, and December 2013; the MedAR Conference, South Africa, June 2014; and the International Conference on Accounting Studies, Malaysia, August 2014, 2015 and 2016.
In terms of publications his most cited works continue to be cited by accounting scholars today:
Guthrie, J. and Parker, L.D. (1990), “Corporate social disclosure practice: a comparative international analysis”, Advances in Public Interest Accounting, cited over 1,130 times.
Guthrie, J. and Parker, L.D. (1989), “Corporate social reporting: a rebuttal of legitimacy theory”, Accounting and Business Research, cited over 1,270 times.
Guthrie, J. and Mathews, M.R. (1985), “Corporate social accounting in Australasia”, Research in Corporate Social Performance and Policy, cited over 330 times.

His research output is outlined in more detail in the attached document