Transformation Learners’ Lives on a Global Scale: Excel Skills for Business

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The Excel Skills for Business program is delivered on the international online learning platform Coursera and responds to a significant need in the industry to upskill the workforce in the efficient and effective use of spreadsheets, Excel in particular. While there are many resources and materials out there, few are learner-friendly and include applied business problems. Our team from MQBS partnered with Coursera to provide high-quality, transformative Excel education for a global audience.
The courses are freely available – a certificate can be attained for a small fee – to meet the needs of a global community for innovative, flexible, and transformative learning.

Impact of the project (Wider Community)
In less than 24 months, more than 150,000 learners enrolled from all over the world. In particular, we have seen more than 15,000 learners access the courses through the Coursera Financial Aid program (certificate at no cost) with a 1 in 3 completion rate. Our learners come from a broad range of backgrounds from teachers, professionals, small business owners, employment seekers, to learners in Bangladesh trying to improve their family’s lives. Their positive feedback provides strong evidence that the program transformed their lives. As a result of their new skills, they report being more productive, efficient and, importantly, more confident in their studies, their job and their life in general. On the back of the learner impact stories, the positive reviews and ratings, the program was awarded the Coursera Outstanding Educator Award for Transformation in 2018.
Impact dateNov 2017Nov 2019
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