Woke Marketing and Its Impact on The Society

Impact: Society impacts, Culture impacts

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My research focus is on woke marketing: the role businesses play in making a change in the society, fighting racism, discrimination, and injustice.
The piece I wrote about woke marketing (in The Conversation), has been read more than 575,000 times, has been shared on Facebook almost 1000 times, and has been tweeted more than 100 times. My work is among the top suggestions on Google, when you search for 'woke marketing'.
This piece is the 3rd most read article ever published by MQ academics on the Conversation, and the 8th most read in the Art and Culture section, globally, across all universities and among all contributors. I'm also the 5th most read author on The Conversation.

I've written and published academic journal papers and several industry Op-Eds pieces. I've also provided commentary on this topic to a wide range of news outlets such as SBS, NITV, BBC, ABC, CNN, SMH, and many industry magazines such as Marketing Magazine, Inside Retail, Ad News, and our very own, The lighthouse.
I've also been invited as a guest speaker and presented my research in several industry and academic conferences and webinars, such as Online Retailer Conference, and WPP (the world's largest marketing and advertising agency).
I believe I've been able to play a part in influencing the society and also the commercial world, and contributing to the conversation about inclusion, diversity, equality, and progressive values.
Impact dateAug 20192022
Category of impactSociety impacts, Culture impacts
Impact levelAdoption (early)